In 2087, mankind traveled faster than light.

In 2102, Earth became uninhabitable.

In 2603, colonization stalled.

It is now 3095.

Humanity is now stuck in a 300-light-year-wide section of space called the ‘Sol Starcluster’.

Most of the planets here are uninhabitable, ruined, or viciously contested.

In a starcluster that’s prone to war, it’s more profitable than ever to be a mercenary.

But J isn’t in it for money.

She’s in it for fun.

Raging Sea of Flames is a Graphic Novel about a mecha pilot named J, produced by me: Moiderah. It’s a character study of a terrible person, among a growing interstellar war. I’ve been building this story and setting for a long while now, and I’m excited to finally get it out for people to read.

Want to ask me something? You can find me on Twitter or Tumblr. I also have a deviantart, where I post all my other art.